Press Release: New 9-Layered EcoTag™ Specialty Film

Press Release: New 9-Layered EcoTag™ Specialty Film

Allied Plastics Holdings, LLC, of Newark, New Jersey and a Sigma Plastics Group company, today announced the launching of their new 9 layered, flat die extruded, EcoTag™ I & II specialty film brand.


EcoTag™ is FDA compliant, and has a proprietary and superior skin surface that will hold 3 point, 4 color, water-based flexographic type in some of the most demanding of end user environments.

EcoTag™ is an economically priced and environmentally conscious film substrate that has been under development for 4 years. It is also compatible with most types of printing processes (with the exception of laser) presently being used by commercial printers within the NAFTA region. FACT: EcoTag™ is a lower cost and high quality alternative to many of the present day synthetic paper substrates being used by both UV Offset and Narrow Web Commercial Printing Converters. EcoTag™ I & II also offers the first domestically manufactured, economically priced, alternative to the Chinese synthetic paper options presently being distributed into the NAFTA region.

Why EcoTag™? It’s the highest quality, best priced – synthetic paper sheet available – in today’s Tag and Label specialty film substrate market. EcoTag™ is highly versatile and has excellent lay-flat. Cold temperature resistance, Water based, UV and Thermal Transfer print compatibility that is most commonly used in Nursery, Lumber and Brick Tag converting applications. EcoTag™ is a multi-faceted sheet that could be used in numerous indoor and outdoor synthetic paper printing/converting applications.

Why EcoTag™? Why not? We believe that it will give you the superior film qualities you need at a price that you want.

Joe Lambert, Film Sourcing Specialist

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