Packaging Paper and Films

Packaging Paper and Films

Packaging design is incredibly important when marketing a product it is considered one of the most important forms of advertising.  Often times consumers are drawn into an appealing wrapper and that can determine whether a product is a best seller or a failure.  It does not matter how great a product is, an unattractive appearance can hurt its sales.

When designing packaging, functionality is key.  Effort is put into making sleek and attractive, but it must be durable enough to protect the product inside. Packaging needs to grab the consumer’s attention, eye-catching packaging is necessary to attract consumers to try your product in such a competitive market.

When looking for the right materials to use when packaging your product, choose Griff.  With a wide variety of metalized, durable paper and films in different patterns and colors that will protect from heat, moisture, and other damage while making your product stand out from the crowd.  For more information or a quote call us at (215) 428-1075 or email us at  Be sure to visit all of our other divisions at the

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