PVDC Barrier Film Crushes EVOH & Nylon

Science speaks for itself. Valfilm USA is a privately held Italian company based in Brazil. Valfilm is also the undisputed leader in Flexible Packaging films and producer of PVDC shrink bags in South America. Both Cryovac and Bemis can attest to this fact, and cannot match their quality. Now Valfilm has shifted it’s highly respected focus […]

Glossary; Laminating, Coating & Converting

LAMINATION – A product made by bonding together two or more layers using thermal or adhesive technology. LEADER – A fabric, paper, or film used to thread a machine to prevent damage of a customer MASTER ROLL – A term used to describe a manufactured roll from which smaller rolls are cut from. MATTE – […]

Shrink Tunnel Problems – PE Packaging Films

Plastic PE Packaging Films – Common Shrink Tunnel Problems and Solutions Film not shrinking properly. Check tunnel temperature settings. Generally, temperatures should be between 325 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Actual temperature required is dependent on film gauge, type, tunnel length, and conveyor speed. Check actual tunnel temperature. All heating elements may not be […]

Film Feeding Problems – Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Machinery Films – Film Feeding Problems for Intermittent Motion 2 Roll Bundlers Film Feeding Problems: With surface unwind, film is wrapping around itself and backlashing. Check for excessive static in the roll. The problem that is occurring is most likely that the film is blocked. If an extra idler roller is available, the […]