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Importance of Outsourcing and Griff Contract Converting

Outsourcing & Contract Converting Are you thinking about outsourcing some aspect of your business?  There are a number of advantages a company can gain from outsourcing.  Outsourcing can lead to the output of superior products with less lead time and better customer service.  Outsourcing allows for the strengthening of the core business processes, by letting […]

Packaging Paper and Films

Packaging design is incredibly important when marketing a product it is considered one of the most important forms of advertising.  Often times consumers are drawn into an appealing wrapper and that can determine whether a product is a best seller or a failure.  It does not matter how great a product is, an unattractive appearance […]

Griff Paper and Film: HDPE

While Griff Paper and Film’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) film is the toughest of the polyethylene films. Whether clear or opaque, it doesn’t splinter or corrode easily. Non-abrasive, non-scratching and with good release without silicone coating, HDPE film plays an important role in many industries. The packaging industry prefers HDPE because of its slip resistance, tear resistance […]

Griff Silicone Coated Glue Boxes

Glue Boxes Griff Paper and Film’s Glue Box is the best way to store or transport any of your hot-melt adhesive, asphalts, sealants, waxes, epoxies, or resins.  Griff Glue Boxes are coated with a 100% silicone liner and have a leak proof design, which allows the liquid to cool and be easily removed when needed. […]

Choosing Griff for All of Your Sign Needs

Did you know that using signs and POP displays are crucial to successful business strategy for now and in the future?  It’s true; signs are useful advertising and marketing tools to influence the consumer behavior.  Signage can be used throughout the customer’s buying process, it can help create brand recognition, and most importantly attract new […]

Griff Raeton

Raeton Looking for an extremely durable paper that can stand up to almost anything?  Then look no further than Griff Raeton!  The toughness of Raeton gives it almost limitless uses and applications.  Raeton’s multi-layer design of paper-film-paper makes it tear, puncture or burst resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for any application that is  highly important, […]

Griff Dry Erase

Griff Dry Erase Griff Decorative Film’s Dry Erase is back and is new and improved!  Griff Dry Erase is a PVC decorative film that is a lightweight, flexible, and thin PVC film that is coated in a solvent-less material that is eco-friendly.  This coating creates a non-porous surface that allows for approved Dry Erase markers […]

Griff’s Easy Color® Decorative Film

Easy Color® Decorative Film If you are working on a packaging or sign project you need to give Griff’s Easy Color® decorative film a try!  Griff’s Easy Color® is a pressure sensitive adhesive decorative PVC vinyl,  that will add serious color to any project.  Easy Color’s® eye catching brightness is perfect for any kind of […]

Profile Lens™ – Griff Paper and Film

Profile Lens™ – Griff Paper and Film Griff Decorative Film’s Profile Lens™ is a self adhering graphic film with a convex linear pattern that comes in standard silver and gold that has hundreds of applications and can bring serious flare to any project. Profile Lens™ is a PVC vinyl that has a 21 millimeter wide […]