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PVDC Barrier Film Crushes EVOH & Nylon

Science speaks for itself. Valfilm USA is a privately held Italian company based in Brazil. Valfilm is also the undisputed leader in Flexible Packaging films and producer of PVDC shrink bags in South America. Both Cryovac and Bemis can attest to this fact, and cannot match their quality. Now Valfilm has shifted it’s highly respected focus […]

Glossary; Laminating, Coating & Converting

LAMINATION – A product made by bonding together two or more layers using thermal or adhesive technology. LEADER – A fabric, paper, or film used to thread a machine to prevent damage of a customer MASTER ROLL – A term used to describe a manufactured roll from which smaller rolls are cut from. MATTE – […]

Summer Months & the Polymer Market

Wk 25: Polymer prices continue to go down PE: As ethylene plants come back online in Asia, polymer prices will continue to go down. Oil prices look stable and demand from China remains weak – this will keep oil prices stable, if not lower. Slowing demand in China for PE, Ramadhan and the South Asian […]

Plastic Packaging Films Troubleshooting

Plastic Packaging Films – Troubleshooting Film Buildup on Intermittent Motion 2 Roll Bundler Seal Bars Film Buildup on Seal Bars is a common occurrence at many large co-packers and beverage manufacturing sites. Here are some helpful hints: Clean seal bars thoroughly with soft, dry, non-abrasive rag. Also, check the Teflon coatings or coverings (tape or […]

Shrink Bundling Films for Beverage and Ice Cream

Shrink Bundling Films for Beverage and Ice Cream – Troubleshooting Intermittent Motion 2 Roll Bundlers Issues can always arise while using high speed shrink bundling equipment. Here is an example of two of the most common occurrences: Film Not Sealing: Check seal bar temperature setting. Increase temperature if necessary. Increase seal dwell time. Check to […]

North American Masking Market

North American Masking Market Analysis Growth Observations: All segments of this market represent a total of fifty eight million pounds total. The plastic sheeting segment represents the largest at twenty one million pounds. This segment represents the greatest overall potential for new business. Market Observations: This market is presently moving away from adhesive-coated film for […]

Plastic Film & Bag Substrate

Plastic Film & Bag Substrate – Physical Property Quick Test Identification Guide Some of the most commonly used plastic film substrates in converting are Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyester. Using the commonly used Burn Test method the following results should be noted: Polypropylene will show a yellowish-blue flame with little smoke. It will smell like candle wax and […]

Plastic Converting Film Testing

Plastic Converting Film Testing for Flexographic & Offset Printing Being able to recognize the types of plastic materials on which you’re asked to print can help you avoid mistakes in ink selection and ensure the correct processing conditions. You can identify a plastic substrate in many ways, including by sight, smell and sound. When visual […]

UV Coating Capabilities

UV Coating Capabilities – Griff Paper and Film Did you know Griff offers UV curing as a part of our coating line? With a 63” coating head that is able to coat 0.1mill to 2mill on either paper or films for a number of different applications depending on our customers’ needs. UV coating has a […]

Reasons for Using Certain Polymers in Co-Extruded structures

Polymers in Co-extruded Structures Reasons for Using Certain Polymers LDPE provides good impact resistance, water resistance and clarity. LLDPE will likewise provide the same. HDPE has good oil and impact resistance, and excellent water barrier, rigidity and heat resistance. PP will give you oil resistance, water barrier, rigidity and heat resistance. Nylon provides oil and […]

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