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Summer Sell Mode

Last Thursday was a warm, and very humid summer day in the North East corner of the U.S. I arose from my bed very early with the birds and was on the road by 5:27AM. I had a 6 hour drive minimum ahead of me and two 50 pound ‘cherished’ sample VFFS trial film rolls in […]

Editing Content & Effective Messaging

“Business is War.” This statement hung in a place of prominence slightly above eye level at my first desk as a young gun Stock Broker for Advest, Inc. on the 11th floor of the SIS Bank Headquarters on 1441 Main Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. It had the backdrop of a photo taken of the earth […]

Opportunity Cost & Crazy Americans

I have two sons that are identical twins. They are presently approaching the end of their High School years and will be off to college in August. They bring me back to earth in more ways than one, as I witness this ‘right of passage’. The reality of untested waters and untried solutions in business, […]

Capitalizing on Strategic Advantage

Wall Street has lost control on Down Stream Process in Flexible Packaging Film Extrusion & Lamination in North America Many large players in the converting films production segment have grown to the point of ‘Diminishing Returns’ in their business cycle. In North America, this is self-evident in Sales dollars for the small to medium size […]

Flexible Circuit Materials from Griff

Flexible Circuit Materials – Capabilities At Griff Paper and Film we manufacture flexible circuit materials, metal clad, and overlays.  We create materials used in numerous industries including; RFID, LED, automotive, audio speaker, electronics, and medical diagnostics.  We work with you, the customer, to develop a cost competitive product suited for your application using a wide […]

Some Basic Facts about Shrink Bundling Film

Flexible Packaging Films – Some Basic Facts about Shrink Bundling Film   The most usual methods of manufacturing plastic film are inflation and extrusion. The following information will only deal with inflation.   In the inflation method, the film is manufactured in the form of a tube, which is either rolled up in the form […]

Specialty Plastic Films for Converting

Specialty Plastic Films for Converting UVI or Ultra-Violet Inhibitors & EVA Additives   Absorbers act as a shield to protect the film. Ultra-Violet Inhibitors usually increase polymer life by 3 to 6 months. 12 month packages are also available for increased durability in severe outdoor applications. This is not used in thin gauged films.   […]

Capturing Talent & Managing It

In an age of virtual everything it is very easy to lose sight of the forest from the trees. Image is truly everything, but once the one carrying, or wearing, your corporate identity opens his or her mouth the business cycle begins … for better or worse. How many times have you been really captivated […]

Letters to Prospective Partners in the Extrusion World

Writing effectively to communicate your key points of involvement with any potential business partner is not an easy task. I myself have had many written proposals simply vanish into cyber space in my past, and I’m sure that my written prose was always the culprit every time, in this perceived opportunity lost. With that said, […]