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Summer Sell Mode

Last Thursday was a warm, and very humid summer day in the North East corner of the U.S. I arose from my bed very early with the birds and was on the road by 5:27AM. I had a 6 hour drive minimum ahead of me and two 50 pound ‘cherished’ sample VFFS trial film rolls in […]

PVDC Barrier Film Crushes EVOH & Nylon

Science speaks for itself. Valfilm USA is a privately held Italian company based in Brazil. Valfilm is also the undisputed leader in Flexible Packaging films and producer of PVDC shrink bags in South America. Both Cryovac and Bemis can attest to this fact, and cannot match their quality. Now Valfilm has shifted it’s highly respected focus […]

Capitalizing on Strategic Advantage

Wall Street has lost control on Down Stream Process in Flexible Packaging Film Extrusion & Lamination in North America Many large players in the converting films production segment have grown to the point of ‘Diminishing Returns’ in their business cycle. In North America, this is self-evident in Sales dollars for the small to medium size […]

Fully Integrating NBD in Plastic Films

New Age vs. Old School – Strategic Thinking for Specialty Film Development I have been involved in Flexible Packaging and New Business Development strategic development since 1989. Back in the age of the first car phones (early nineties) many managerial practices were commonplace, and to my astonishment today, are actually still accepted as the norm […]

Strategic Alliances vs. Cold Calling in Flexible Packaging

Cold Calling is Dead & Strategic Alliances are Fast Tracking NBD I was recently visiting with Google in Gardnerville, Nevada. Yes, Google … The plant manager is not ‘Googly’ but has wisdom and understands the key drivers and points of focus necessary when it comes to creating, and management. I have been working with him […]

Griff Silicone Coated Glue Boxes

Glue Boxes Griff Paper and Film’s Glue Box is the best way to store or transport any of your hot-melt adhesive, asphalts, sealants, waxes, epoxies, or resins.  Griff Glue Boxes are coated with a 100% silicone liner and have a leak proof design, which allows the liquid to cool and be easily removed when needed. […]