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Plastic Packaging Films - Specialty Plastic Films Pricing and Sourcing

Welcome to buyfilm.net, your plastic film sourcing specialist


Our primary business model is to answer your inquiry, and get back to you in a very prompt and expedient manner – no matter what – the subject or challenge.


Our logistical strength lies in North America, but our size and scope enables us to reach out and service all regions of the globe through our international partners.


Created for the flexible packaging, printing, converting and coating professionals looking for answers. Alternative pricing and solutions to current procurement, and or new business development needs.


plastic converting films

We all need to find the most efficient and direct way to our desired objectives. At buyfilm.net we seek to provide that route for all of our customers, and clients alike.

Capabilities that Stretch

plastic packaging films

This site was created for anyone who uses a plastic film substrate in their current product mix. Fast alternative pricing and solutions to current procurement, and or new business development needs are readily available.


flexible packaging films

At buyfilm.net we have assembled a group of highly experienced and committed film and process professionals who are all focused on getting you the best price for a specific film blend, or the right solution to a challenging new business development inquiry – fast.


plastic films and bags

Our business model is focused on sustaining our environment first and using the latest technology available to bring you the most cost effective solutions for any and all of the most difficult manufacturing and new business development scenarios.

Why choose buyfilm?

Our Services

If you buy film, our professionals can help find you the best film sources at the best prices… fast!

Our Products

Our proprietary EcoTag™ film comes in two grades to accommodate both high temperature UV offset printing and with superior tensile / tear strength for tough outdoor applications.

Our Business Development

Our company has a wealth of knowledge. We are passionate about sharing it and solving difficult problems for our clients. So if you’re looking for solutions or sources – ask us – first. All initial inquiries are free of charge and know that we are always happy to help.

A few words from Joe …

Our Partners

We have assembled a group of highly experienced professionals who will get you the best price for a specific film blend – fast.

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